Side by Side

So, Track 3 Side by Side, ultimately is a song about remembering. I know on my best days, I remember the constant to do list that is always in front of me. However, those are absolutely NOT the things that I remember when I get to the end of my life. I want to remember the real things, the important things, the treasured moments. So, this song is about things in the last year or so that I wanted to mark down. In order, I want to remember the look of my family's eyelashes when they are swimming and their eyes are glistening. I think its important to remember what someone takes in their coffee. (Coffee is very important to our family...maybe I'll write a blog post about just that as an addendum to the fact that I talk about coffee three times on this record.)

I haven't traveled the world, yet anyway, but I have seen so many beautiful places in the United States, and I remember the glimmer of the water in the Delaware Gap, and the peaks of the mountains on the coast in Bar Harbor, and the glorious shore in Miami. I am fortunate enough to live where there are lakes on the other side of every hill, and the sunlight floods in my windows in the afternoon light, and the crickets chirp at night and fireflies glow in our backyard. I want to remember those things. 

I want to remember what it feels like to be in love. I mean, full on, I'll do anything to prove my love for you kind of love. Its not slight or easy or empty in any way, but requires every ounce of who we are to bring it to life, and man, that sort of love is so incredibly worthwhile. To hold someone's hand while they sleep and to be held in return. I want to remember that because that is worth remembering.

And the moon. I feel like I talk to the moon. Maybe that makes me so incredibly odd, but I suspect, that I am not alone in this. The moon's light comes as a welcome friend, and I have had the pleasure of seeing the moon rise and set in some of the most gorgeous places. The moon often lights our way home on late evening boat rides returning from dinner in the summer. And the moon to me somehow always offers company, so even at night, I don't feel alone. Somehow. I don't pretend to understand the way at which I view the world, however, I know that this song in particular, is about remembering the littlest things. You'll often see me use the hashtag #thisisjoy, and this is exactly why. Those posts are me doing my very best to remember the smallest moments that seem to pass by so quickly. I want to remember it all, especially as a mother. I want to squeeze every ounce of life out of each moment, and express gratitude for that tiny moment didn't go by unnoticed.  I want to notice. I want to remember. And so perhaps this song will help you mark down the things that mean the most to you...and help you remember too. 

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