Two Cups of finally here!

Well, my friends, I'm not sure this day could have taken any longer to get here...or that I could be any more excited to share this project with you all! My Christmas Book, Two Cups of Milk, is ready to make its way into your homes. This story, to me, is the other side of the Night Before Christmas and it fills in the story of what Mrs. Claus is doing with all her time, a story long over-looked. From one parent to another, this is a story that changes the traditions on Christmas Eve, and rewrites the history books in regards to all we thought we knew about Santa and his workshop!

I hired a local illustrator, whose worked I love, named Caitlin Pallischeck, and she really is the one who brought this story to life through her stunning watercolor illustrations. Caitlin is a local artist, native of Penn Yan, and fellow lover of Keuka Lake, and I can not tell you how pleased I was to have her join in this process. It was so important to me to have people involved in this project who understood my vision for just how timely this story was, and yet able to keep the whimsy and nostalgia that I love most about Christmas traditions in tact, and Caitlin did just that. Each illustration I love more than the last, and think I am able to pick a favorite until I glance at another one. If you aren't following her on social media, she is known as Stumblemouth on most platforms, and I highly recommend you give her a follow. I can't say enough good things about her art, and I truly think she's going buy something now! 

In addition to using a local illustrator, I also used a local graphic designer and press to get these stunning hardcover books to you. Now more than ever, I just think we need to band together in our communities to support local artists, craftspersons, and tradespeople. 

Pre-orders are currently being accepted because this first printing is a limited edition run! Only 250 copies are available, so make sure you preorder from my website and guarantee your copy of this fun twist on Christmas Eve for this year! 


I am grateful for all of you for your continued support of my artistic ventures, and I don't take any of this process for granted. Thank you all for your support and I wish you the safest and happiest of holidays in this most bizarre of years. Come get lost with me in this wonderful, fun, story that brings Mrs. Claus to the forefront. 

All my love,