As an artist, there's this beautiful moment when the creation of a new piece emerges. It's life-giving and soul satisfying. You step back from your work and breathe out knowing that you took something from the abstract world and made it an artifact in this world. However, as an artist, there is also in that moment, a bit of panic knowing that perhaps someone else might see or hear your art and have something to say about it that's different than what's in your head. If you've ever experienced this, then you and I are friends automatically. Very often, I think songs are like my children in a way. I love them and spend time nurturing them, and hoping that when I turn my head they don't turn into something else. The moment of release of a new record is terrifyingly beautiful. And so I hope you spend time with these songs, and try to become part of the story. 

This new record is a set of songs that are all a story in one way or another and I'll share the back story of each of these songs with you, which is something, I haven't done before with my previous records. But these songs are important enough to me to give them some stand alone attention and I hope you love them. So as I send these songs into the world, know that I hope they find you where you are and bring you to a place you haven't been before just yet, and I hope you walk away seeing the world just slightly differently. 

Title Track: Water Meets the Shore

Many of you already know I was born in a small town in Upstate New York in the Finger Lakes Region, and more specifically, Penn Yan where Keuka Lake is our pride and joy. Keuka Lake is the one lake in the Finger Lakes shaped like a Y, and thus offers a bit more privacy than some of the other lakes. For the most part, its quiet, stunningly beautiful, and a magnet for me in so many ways. This song is really a love song written for Keuka, and one of my favorite lines from it is this: "Your beauty will swallow any fork in the road, and in any direction, You will always be home. Cause I've been running since the day that I was born; caught up in the dream; Not far beyond the reach of where the water meets the shore and calls to me...yes, it calls to me." 

So from my little corner in this world to yours, I hope today brings you beauty in the unexpected. 

Until next time,