This is a song about love and mostly about forgiveness. If you think love is hard, then you know forgiveness is even harder. Forgiveness, for many, is a flippant decision that dismisses both parties from things that happened before. But in love, and in marriage, forgiveness is so much more than that. It offers freedom. Yes, from mistakes, but from the weight of decision, or even indecision. This is a song I wrote on my back porch staring out into my yard with the green trees blowing in the warm summer breeze when the world just felt right. It is mostly a conversation to myself. About love. About what I really think about it. And what I do with it. Its about being honest about being terrified to love and terrified to offer love, and even more terrified to receive the love being offered. I love the way this song musically loops around and around from one verse into a chorus and back into a verse without really finding a musical answer. To me the music emulates the lyrics in every way. I don't feel like this song needs much explanation, and so I'll keep it short, and let you spend sometime with the song, and yourself. 

So, I offer you, Anyway. May you find the strength to forgive, and love deeply and richly. 

Until next time, 

I'm Yours.


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