When the Watchman Sleeps... in Syria and at home... 

In this wake of what happened this week, I feel like this song is so timely. When the Watchman Sleeps was written after seeing an image of a boy in Syria covered in ash and blood (here's the link, but I won't show the image here as I don't own the rights to this. Syrian Boy)The news these days is just as heartbreaking and I find myself cringing often at the revelation of what we will do to each other. 

This song is the story of a people (insert any number of nationalities here) who trust those in power to protect them. Trust implicitly that those they elected will stand watch over wrongdoers. This is a story about those in power lying about what they are doing and how they are doing it. Its mostly about the loss of life. The loss of innocent lives in a battle far bigger than what our eyes can see. And sending those lives to slaughter willingly, like pawns in a game of chess. 

This song is also about me recognizing the ways that I sleep through what happens around me. The ways that I am silent. And the things that really urge me to speak up and act. I am guilty of being silent for far too long about the things that matter most. Its my hope that this song challenges you to see, to stand guard, and to not sleep while life passes by and is costing some people all they have. 

This story is far from over, but for now, I urge you to listen...and wake up. 

until next time,


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